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the attacks that claimed the lives of two parents with 17 children in pensacola florida. i am brian wilson, new details straight ahead. >> president obama supreme court nominee spends day number three on the hot seat. why republicans want answers about things she has said in the past. coming up. >> "harry potter" mania. kicked off >> investigators are looking for more information surrounding the murders of a florida couple with 17 children. there is a new person of interest who is speaking with the sheriff's department. brian wilson has the latest from pensacola florida. >> it was a methodically planned robbery except for one detail. police now suspect an accomplice supposed to shut off the surveillance cameras at the home of the billings botched the job. the billings were shot to death with nine of the 17 kids home at the time. at least seven suspects made off with the safe. and at the time, they believed they were not on camera. >> and all of you should have asked this. we have asked ourselves this from the beginning. identifies the security system not disabled? >> late today investigato
a milestone in space exploration. brian wilson shows us how the nation is celebrating a great achievement in history. man's first trip to the moon. >> president john f. k dee first pitched a lunar visit in 1961. nine administrations later, white house is it calling is one of the most crowning achievements. >> i remember waving american flags and my grandfather telling me that the apollo mission was an example of how americans can do anything they put their minds to. >> one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> on july 20, 1969, neil armstrong became the first man to leave his foot print on the me. the mission a huge success. dominating newspaper headlines and television broadcasts. >> armstrong is on the moon. >> while the world celebrated, the crew of apollo 11 had a much different perspective. >> we opened the door, to the future of exploration by touching down on another object. where we emotionally involved in that? no we were trying to make a successful landing. >> four decades ago, mission accomplishments and now they are urging government to move beyond the moon. >> we
't gotten into it. brian wilson is in pensacola. tell us about this woman, this person of interest. she is tied up in this in many ways, right? >> yes, not only is she a realtor to the person identified as the mastermind of this plan, a guy identified by the name of leonard gonzalez, jr., fox news has independently verified that she has been seen routinely in his company. we have that from very reliable sources. she is a realtor, a person of note in the community. she has an antique mall. she has a number of business liens against her properties, so she is having some financial problems as well. the sheriff says she is a person of interest in this particular case, and up until 48 hours ago, they didn't know exactly where she is. i know in a moment you will speak to the sheriff and i think he may have new information for you about that woman. shepard: he referred to this gaping hole in the case. it sounds like what he is saying is, look, they had this thing planned out, every little bit of it, and they all seemed to think he acted like maybe he had been told by some of them, but i don't
the summer working on capitol hill -- they are believed to have come down with swine flu. brian wilson, what is this hearing about? >> it is congress doing what it is supposed to do, provide oversight before there's a problem. many times congress reacts. this is them taking action. the question, are we prepared as a nation should the h1n1 virus comeback? are we prepared for this often talked about pandemic? witnesses include people from the homeland security department. martha: who do they think is the most honorable? -- most vulnerable. >> it is summertime right now. there are six senate pages thought to have h1n1. the big question, is what we saw this spring and what we see now in the non flu months a sign of real problems two,? >> it could be more severe form of the h1n1. it mutates as it travels. that was perhaps just a dress rehearsal. >> just a dress rehearsal. the experts say it is time to get ready. martha: that is scary. brian wilson, thank you very much. rick: gen an adult, said h1n1 is targeting young people. we expect to hear from someone from the cdc at 3:30 p.m. eastern time. t
ago. the whole thing sparked outrage and an internal investigation and brian wilson mass been following it for us. what else did the final report say about that thing, brian? with in thing is a light sentence? >> i think a lot of people feel it was. that was the reaction we heard today. the oklahoma highway patrol showed in this case that the trooper used poor judgment and that his conduct was unbecoming of an officer. there is an other side of the equation. he was justified in making the traffic stop, and they believe that the paramedic did resist arrest, shepard. shepard: brian, but this is far from over, really. we're hearing the paramedic is suing now? >> the paramedic is suing. attorneys are brought in. we talked to the attorneys both for the paramedic and for the patient inside that ambulance. they're pretty upset. take a listen. >> they sent a clear message that malfesance, misbehavior will be ignored and that troopers will be protected at all costs by their interiors regardless what's happening on the streets. >> with the grace of god, stella could have died in the bac
that the family had adopted. brian wilson is joining us with a live report from pensacola. he will be joining us in a few minutes. megyn: the democrats rushed to nationalize the u.s. health-care system. going into overdrive this morning. live pictures from capitol hill where no less than three committees in the house of start reviewing pop the 1000 plus page plan to nationalize our health care, as president obama keeps the pressure on them to do it and do it fast. good morning, everybody. rick: welcome back. house democrats and putting the cost of their plan at roughly $1.50 trillion. their idea to pay for it will place a crushing tax on small businesses. did morning. tell us what is going on today in the house with all of these committee markups. >> that is right. you have markup mania. three different committees working up on this health -- marking up its health reform bill. the first stop is the ways and means committee to handle taxes. the biggest issue is, how do you pay for this? the house unveiled this controversial plan this week. it partly pays for reform by increasing taxes on the weal
. correspondent brian wilson has some of the contingencies. >> if there was a massive ourbreak of the h1n1 virus later this year, the pentagon might send in military troops to maintain order and enforce quarantines, a proposal from commander dick warren sits on the desk of robert gates but has not been approved. the plan calls for regional teams to respond at the direction of fema. that development came as hearings were held on capitol hill to get an update on the delivery of an h1n1 vaccine. bottom line, they are working on it. >> it will not be available for use for several more months. clinical trials at the national institutes of health and among the vaccine manufacturers are now underway. >> when it is ready, a panel at the centers for disease control recommends that healthcare workers, pregnant women, and those who are between the age of six months and 24 years old should, as a rule, get the shots first. the elderly should get the seasonal flu shots but should wait on the h1n1 shots until the groups more at risk have been vaccinated. >> the idea was after these other younger age groups hav
to her. and our own brian wilson maybe following up on stories like this one across the country. he tracked down that woman and her family in oklahoma city and here is what he found out. >> you understand me? >> by now you have seen the trooper dash cam video. >> you get your [bleep] in that ambulance or i will take you in. >> and the cell phone video that shows the struggle between trooper daniel martin and trooper maurice wright. but lost in the discussion about who did what to whom is the fact that there was an elderly heart patient in the ambulance that day. she can be heard screaming on the tape. well, that woman was stella jordan who these day sass very fragile and nervous individual. too nervous to talk to us at length on camera. but her sister, clara harper remembers vividly how upset stella was. >> she was screaming. her eyes rolling back in her head it was to the point where she was just screaming so she had gotten exhausted. i picked her up and i just held her. i said it's going to be report. it's going to be all right. just calm down. calm down. i just wanted to pray and
the deadly break-in. >> there are hints this case is far from closed. fox's brian wilson reports. >> reporter: a touching moment at the beginning of the press conference. sheriff david morgan recalling a request made by the adult daughter of melanie billings just days after the murders took place. >> sheriff, find the people who did this. it's my honor today to tell you ashley and your family, we have found them. and they are in custody. >> reporter: investigators quickly snatched up suspects in the murder of the florida couple, known for adopting children with developmental disabilities. a string of seven arrests have been made, including a 16-year- old juvenile. the latest arrest coming in nearby okaloosa county. police say leonard gonzalez jr., one of the first men arrested, played a role in the crime. he was also active in the pensacola community. here he is seeing teaching self- defense to local youngsters two years ago. >> a big break was the video surveillance system that the billings family had in their home. on the compound, if you will, and then the second big break, again, was the
for friday n. florida, brian wilson, fox news. >>> we're all getting a bit of a break when paying -- with paying at the pump. the gas prices dropped nearly 20 cents the last month. the first time since may, oil prices are lower because of a drop in demand. aaa believes gas prices could fall further but analysts believe that we will see another jump in august when prices traditionally rise a bit. this won't help make your commute easier. in annandale, crews are working to repair a sinkhole on little river turnpike near conwell drive. during the rush hour, both lanes are closed westbound and you will have to drive on the shoulder. the water gushed down to the broken 12-inch main flooding the road before midnight last night. >>> today marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of apollo 11, the mission that put man on the moon the first time. four days after the launch on july 29th, 1969, neil armstrong and buzz aldrin became the first human beings to walk on the lunar surface. nasa can't find the original moon walking videotape. the first moonwalk has never looked better thanks to tec
in all. now those kids are orphans. brian wilson live with the news in pensacola tonight. brian, back to this realtor whom cops found in alabama. what do we know about a connection to this case? >> basically, we want to point out she is a person of interest at this point, not a suspect. she is in this building as we speak being questioned by authorities. they want to know about her relationship with a man that deputies say was the mastermind of this crime. take a listen to the sheriff this afternoon. >> we know that she was associated with leonard patrick gonzalez jr. up until the day of the murders. and so, again, we would like to get information from her about his activities, whereabouts, movements, those sorts of things. again, she is a person of interest because of her close association with him. >> her name is pamela long, shep, and she is a local realtor of some note. she is known well in this community. shepard: she had rented to that man about whom the sheriff spoke. we understand there is another person of interest still out there somewhere. >> you touched on it, shep. the de
brian wilson. he has new, exclusive information about the altercation between a police officer and an amt. it has become an internet sensation. the most meritorious terrorist organization on earth is publishing a new book -- the most notorious terrorist organization on earth is publishing a new book. it even includes an introduction by one of the most wanted men in the world. the book also highlights al- qaeda's struggles. catherine herridge is live in washington. i understand you have a copy of this book. how did you get this? >> this surfaced on the internet within the last few weeks. it was brought to our attention by one of these monetary and groups in -- monitoring groups in washington. it has two introductions. one was written by the second most wanted man. you can see the introduction with his picture. even though he may be on the run, as the intelligence community likes to say, he is not so deep within a cave that he cannot penned an introduction. jon: who are these muslim spies and how do they operate? >> the tone of the book is one of real paranoia. at one point, it s
to do with the vaccine. we're tracking h1n1. brian wilson tracking h1n1. he is on capitol hill. we have an update today on the vaccine progress. what's the word, brian? >> the word is it's not ready yet. it probably won't be ready until the fall. they are testing to determine the effectiveness and the proper dosage levels for the vaccine. that takes a while to determine. and if they jump too soon, they might get a vaccine that sort of misses the target. the problem is this particular virus, it morphs, mutates, and if you jump too early, you simply don't get the most effective mix that will do the most good for the most people. shep? shepard: is it true that even after the vaccine is ready, some people will be told they just can't have it. >> that is absolutely true. they have developed a list of who needs it most. for the most part, it's health care workers, pregnant women, children and young adults between the ages of 6 months and 24 years old. these are the most at-risk populations. and if there is a shortage of the vaccine, that list gets tightened even more. now, the elderly need th
lived it are looking forward. brian wilson live at the newsroom -- newseum. you probably remember where you were on this day probably some 40 years ago. over at the air and space museum today as they often do. visitors gathered around the lunar lander to snap pictures and talk about where they were that day and what they remember about the initial moon landing. and then they were also neither columbia capsule where michael collins spent his time during this whole thing. nasa has released some sort of enhanced pictures from that time. this is film that they have run through the computers that shows the moon walk. alleged doctrine and armstrong going through the paces. geargt rocks, planting the flag and conducting experiences for two and one half hours before they climbed back into the lunar module. exploded went back into space and linked up with the capsule. michael collins was the astronaut who was abored that capsule. he thinks maybe we didn't go to the right place. >> mars was always my favorite as a kid. and it still is today. i would like to see mars become the focus just as john
space station. brian wilson live in washington's air and space museum today. what's going on there? >> well, this is the lunar exertion model. this is not a mock-up. this is an actual limb from the era. the mission that they were going to use got skipped because things were going so well on the earlier i part of the program. they have it here mocked up to look like neil armstrong and buzzal ldrin on tranquility base. as you look to your left, if you could, a lot of people are coming here to take pictures as they always do. nasa has released some new film from that time. and they've enhanced it. it looks very sharp. it's maybe some of the best images we have seen from the moon. take a look at that. and let me tell you that they also are gathering on the far end down here at the air and space museum. as you know, when you walk in the front door, one of the first things you see is the command module columbia. that's what michael collins was in as he circled the moon above them waiting for them to come back from their mission. shepard: there's been some doubt over the years that -- wel
more in t coming weeks. >> reporter: in pensacola, florida, brian wilson, fox news. >>> caught on camera, a clerk took off running [ inaudible ] could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for the clerk's belt. >> they hit the belt buckle. [ indiscernible ] >> the suspects got away and the clerk was back at work the next day. limping a little bit. the bullet still lodged in his back. >> wow. >>> more questions tonight about the so-called spending scandal in councilman marion barey's office. -- barry's office. fox has obtained a recording. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: the meeting was requested by sharon wise, a long-time friend of barry es who -- who won earmark funding for a program clean and sober. voices on the tape are wise, brenda richardson who works for barry and eric goulet, the council's budget director. >> any time you ask somebody to take$15,000 out of my salary that i have a ctrt acorft , hire somebody without any knowledge, give it to them and say now they're hired, then you should tell them what their assignment is, not me because i don't know becau
. over the next two hours, i'm brian wilson. you know, when the nation celebrates its birthday, fox news has complete team coverage, we're live at ellis island where brand new citizens have taken the oath of allegiance. and live in washington, the national mall, going to be packed with people celebrating independence day with a whole host of events. but we begin with a fox news alert. north korea continues to defy international opposition firing seven scud type missiles, a source inside south korea tells fox news the missiles launched today are old style scuds, they have no nuclear capability, but they have a range of about 310 miles that could hit various targets in the south. both japan and south korea have labeled the launches as provocative. the u.s. state department is urging the north korean regime not to aggravate tensions in the region, calling the missile launches, quote, not helpful. perhaps an understatement. when it comes to foreign affairs, few people can claim the expertise of my next guest. john boulton, the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and he joins me now.
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continues for at least one more. brian wilson is live in pensacola, florida with new details on that. brian, i hear there's going to be a news conference in an hour and 15 minutes from now? >> actually it would be at 1:00 eastern time there would be a press conference with the sheriff. now look we have seven people in custody and the sheriff says the murder is solved. the murder is completely solved in his estimation but there's always been one other person of interest. today said yesterday this person might be someone who aided or abetted and they weren't sure if they were going to bring charges but at this press conference the sheriff will come out and identify this person, they will give a picture of that person and say to us this person is a person of prominence in this community, someone well known in this community, someone of statueture and will find it very interesting but at this point it doesn't appear any charges are being leveled against this individual so that should be interesting to watch at 1:00. one other thing that's developing here, as they try to solve this will murder c
they went away. trace: brian wilson has been following the case from start to finish. we know they have new evidence. what else do we know? >> let's talk about the person of interest yesterday who is now behind bars as an accessory after the fact to murder. her name is pamela long wiggins. she had many aliases. this is the name we are now going with. this is the name under which she will be charged. she is a rental agent of sorts, known in the community. she has a couple of businesses, an antique mall, etc. she was found in nearby orange beach, alabama, just across the florida line, not far from pensacola. she was aboard a boat. that is where we find the next stunning development in this case. the sheriff deputies have removed from that sam arena the safe. we have pictures of that. that was captured by one of the local affiliates down here, the safe being removed from that area. the safe, we are told, is being processed. they will not say what is in the safe, but they do now believe this is the safe from the home of bird and melanie billings. this is what apparently was -- causes them to sa
: the air and space museum is pulling out all the stops. brian wilson is there. >> the air and space museum is my backyard today. no pun. we can now visit with our technology. there it is. the lunar excursion module. i have learned that this is an actual lunar excursion all, set up here to replicate what it was like on tranquillity base if you years ago as neil armstrong and buzz aldrin set foot on the moon. what they are talking about now is if they should go back to the moon. should we spend the money there? should we leapfrog to mars? i want to show you one other thing, if i could. want to know what it takes to get to the moon? what it takes to put that way on to another lunar body? this is what it takes. one of the five engines used to launch the space l.e.m. and space module into orbit. basically, we are sort of using the same sort of concept in these new plans to go back to the moon. today the question is if we should go back to the moon. what do you think? >> i think that it would be cool to see what else we can do. >> ready to spend that money? >> yes. >> think that we should go bac
be over. it is not good for oklahoma. shepard: brian wilson in oklahoma city. we have been reporting on incidents involving public transportation. these are the people we trust to get from one place to another. what would you do if the guy driving your train were actually sleeping? maybe you could get out your camera. relief can't come fast enough. introducing bayer quick release crystals. it's ready to dissolve faster than caplets or tablets. it's a whole new way from bayer to dissolve pain fast. new bayer quick release crystals. shepard: we are serving up more bad press for the dc metro. the youtube video shows one of the d.c. metro -- those are the trains that run all over washington, d.c. the operator is not enough to sleep -- is nodding off to sleep while operating. there is no way for us to be sure that he is asleep. how can i be sure? i am not there. look at him. from this video, it seemed to the person that was taping the video that the person was sleeping. the 14-year-old says it happened on june 18. he did not send it to the people at the d.c. metro until june 23, the day a
-studded concert kicks off and allow outside the capital. our own brian wilson caught up with two performers before the show. they even let him join in on an american classic. take away boys practicing my part to make a code sharing what you come out tonight but will come out tonight but coach jerry. local cherry baby poco
by this process. shepard: i bet this is not over. brian wilson, live in oklahoma city. he will watch it for us. she had just graduated from school and was expected to return to the home of her parents, but she did not show up. they found her shot to death. police are telling everybody in that area, get on alert. receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. and an environment in balance. between consuming less and conserving more. there is one important word: how. and it is the how that makes all the difference. to the planet we all share. as we get older, our bodies become... less able to absorb calcium. he recommended citracal. it's a different kind of calcium. calcium citrate. with vitamin d... for unsurpassed absorption, to nourish your bones. shepard: a double murder case in austin, texas. police are searching the apartment of these two recent graduates. they were found shot to death on tuesday. they are a 22-year-old and a 21- ye
at greatest risk are the young people. shepard: all right. brian wilson, capitol hill. we are tracking h1n1, play that animation again. there we go. ♪ be very afraid : pal, weighing in -- colin powell, weighing in on the race controversy. do not argue with police officers, that is what he is saying. you have questions. who can give you the financial advice you need? where will you find the stability and resources to keep you ahead of this rapidly evolving world? these are tough questions. that's why we brought together two of the most powerful names in the industry. introducing morgan stanley smith barney. here to rethink wealth management. here to answer... your questions. morgan stanley smith barney. a new wealth management firm with over 130 years of experience. shepard: the latest major figure to my eye and on the harry -- henry louis gates arrest -- the latest major figure to weigh in on the harry louis gates arrest is secretary of state: powell. he says that even he has been the target of racial profiling at some point. still, the former secretary of state said that the professor co
. this is the latest installment in our "nowhere to hide" series. brian wilson is live in hollywood, fla., to tell us about it. how did this thing go down? it is complicated. we will give you the rundown. this is a department with a reputation. two years ago, the fbi cracked down on four officers for running a protection racket out of the department, protecting drug dealers and gamblers, according to the fbi. now, they have a brand new scandal. video cameras never blinked, and sometimes you forget they are there. that was the case last february, when officer delete presley of the hollywood, fla. police department decided he would make up stuff on an accident report to help a fellow officer. listen carefully. >> when i saw the tape, my job dropped to my chest. >> that is from howard finkelstein, a 30-year veteran. >> date desired to manipulate truth and evidence, and did it when nothing was at stake. >> two cars pulled away from a green light. the first stops abruptly, and a police car plows into the back. the first lady has been drinking and has legal problems. but the cop was at fault for the accide
week they were shot to death while several of the kids slept. brian wilson is in florida now with the latest. >> reporter: seven suspects are charged with murder and an eighth with accessory after the fact. state attorney bill edon says robbery was the main motive behind the killing of byrd and melanie billing, the couple known for adopting kids with disabilities. >> we have located evidence, valuable evidence. we have located the safe. the safe is being processed at this time. we have located several guns in various locations, one of which we believe is the murder weapon. >> reporter: the evidence found after the arrest of 47-year-old pamela long wiggins on wednesday. both police and the state attorneys say the investigation is mostly complete but they say they will continue moving forward to make sure all loose ends are tied up. >> we believe again we've got a couple of folks that we need to contact and interview to put the case finally to bed. that's really where we are. >> reporter: deputies say the crime almost went off without a hitch butsheriff morgan says his office
weapon. the one reportedly used to gun down that couple and turn 17 children into orphans. brian wilson again following this story from the panhandle tonight. brian, you have gotten some key information about this new evidence, too. >> yes, exactly how they found it. as we get this information, shepard, it sort of gets perfected as we go along. we know that they interviewed pamela wiggins, long-wiggins as a suspect yesterday, and when they charged her, shortly after that, they went out and retrieved both the safe and the weapons. what is not clear at this hour is whether it was pamela wiggins who gave them the lead or whether or not they talked to her husband, a guy by the name of hugh wiggins who said the safe was in a back yard in a piece of property owned by pamela wiggins. the sheriff says the safe was found in the gulf breeze, florida, area. that's all we know. right now it's inside the building behind me being processed. the a.t.f. is working with the escambia sheriff's department on the weapons to help them with that kind of information. shepard: we talked to the sheriff earlier.
someone is paying a price. brian wilson is with us from oklahoma city. >> the investigation is now complete. here is what they found. in their opinion, they believe the stock was justified and the paramedic did resist arrest, but they also found the trooper used poor judgment and his conduct was unprofessional and unbecoming an officer in oklahoma. for that, here was the official verdict. >> trooper martin will serve a five-day suspension without pay. >> basically, on july 28, he will be back on the street. megyn: it is that satisfactory to the ambulance driver? what is next? >> i happen to have with me the attorney of the paramedic. first of all, they say the stock was justified and that your client resisted arrest. >> it is completely wrong, a white wash. >> what is your reaction to the sentence? >> they never even discussed the fact that my client was in a chokehold. the jury will be speaking to this in the final analysis. >> thank you very much. he drove down from tulsa, oklahoma to be with us. we had a million questions we wanted to ask, but they refused to take questions beca
't stopping there. there's a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >>> i'm brian wilson in washington. for the next hour more on that manhunt in just a moment. first the other story that everyone is talking about. president obama now admits that he stepped in it, elam barthed a white cambridge, massachusetts -- when he lambasted a white cambridge, massachusetts police sergeant. now the president wants everybody to come to the white house and talk things out over a beer. henry gates says he's game. courtney keeley picks up the story from cambridge, massachusetts. >> reporter: what is really interesting is the professor is vacationing in his country home on martha's vineyard. the president is going next month. we are waiting to see if the sergeant will have that beer with them on the beach next month. in the meanwhile the police union says they are happy by what they see as apology by the president. crowley describes what was going on during the time after the res. he said gates was furious, he was insulting, it was very one-sided. gates' lawyer said gets felt humiliated b
. hello everyone, i'm brian wilson live from washington for the next hour, we begin with the outpouring of reaction over the death of news man walter cronkite. laura ingle is standing by in new york to begin our coverage, hello, laura. >> walter cronkite has sparked many loving memories from those who knew him so well and from those who called him the most trusted man in america. he died last night of cerebral vascular disease at age 92 with his family by his side. many watched him deliver the news reporting from the front lines of world events like the vietnam war and the voice of authority and the first to report president kennedy's death in 1963. well, cronkite was in on some of the darkest hours in our nation's history, he took us for a magnificent ride, the news, including the apollo 11 moon landing. >> 22, thanks a lot. >> oh, boy. . >> reporter: and that tangible joy was felt around the world and you see that smile. cronkite passed away three days before the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, among been considered an authority on the space program. and president obama had thi
in his last three games. the giants end up winning 5-4. brian wilson gets his 22nd save. but just barely, making things interesting in the top of the ninth. >> nationals, rockies in denver, jayson marquis, what a story he's had this year. major league baseball's first 11-game winner. named to the all-star game for the first time this past weekend. the rockies win 1-0. houston got a six pitch save in the ninth. just the fifth time in franchise history that colorado has won 1 s at home, three of them came last year. so it's marquis and the rockies winning 1-0 at home. >> in the past i was so worried about guys not scoring, you know, trying to make perfect pitches, get three outs with one pitch. this year, i told myself to bear down and focus on the hitter. and not let the game get out of hand. if one run scores, i know it's late in the game but it's still just a one-run game, so it's within reach. so i changed my focus to the hitter and good things have been happening. >> the man known as the machine will be counted on to pump out an assembly line worth of round trippers. pujols coming out
hollywood, florida with the latest installment of his nowhere to hide series is our own brian wilson. hey, brian, tell us about this. >> well, alisyn, we are here in hollywood, florida, a suburb of miami. and the folks here have looked at what's going on. and many people around here are saying anything but hooray for the hollywood pd. the thing about video cameras, they never blink and sometimes you forget they are there. that was apparently the case last february when officer dewey presley of the hollywood, florida police department decided that he would make up some stuff on an accidents report to help out a fellow officer. listen carefully. >> well, i mean, i don't want -- i don't like and make things up ever. that's wrong. if i need so say something a little bit to protect the cop. >> i hear you, man. >> when i saw the tape, my jaw dropped to my chest. >> that's broward cavuto -- county howard fink kel stein. >> these cops conspired to manipulate the truth and evidence and they did it when nothing was at stake. >> two cars pull away from a green light late at night. the first car stop
of the moon. for the first time ever, mannheim set foot on the lunar surface. brian wilson is joining us live inside the aaron space museum inside washington, d.c., where they are remembering this historic mission. what are they saying, brian? >> people are coming. they are taking pictures. the astronauts on the left in this scenario would be neil armstrong. the guy coming down the ladder would be buzz aldrin. this is an actual lunar excursion model. this is one that was going to be used on the mission, but it got canceled. now it is here at the air and space museum. if you want to find out what the next big step is, should we go back to the moon? the big debate among today is, should we go back to the movies or reaching back to the moon or should we perhaps go to mars? sir, how are you? can i talk to you? where were you in 1969? >> probably watching tv. >> do you remember that day? do you think that we should go back to the moon? >> i think we should. just to explore some more. >> some people are saying, we skip the muni and go straight to mars. what do you say? >> why not? >> people are wal
people are in custody and they are looking for 10 more. we will get back to brian wilson for breaking news as it comes in. in the meantime, major changes for the automotive task force. the onetime new york banker stephen ratner will be replaced by ron bloom after gm and chrysler made steamy exit's. does his departure have anything to do with the new york pension fund investigation? >> it does not seem to, but it could remove him as a target. he formed quadrangle, a private equity firm accused of paying lobbyists to pull out money from a pension fund. that is apparently not illegal. neither ratner nor quadrangle has been accused of wrongdoing, and authorities say wrongdoingrattne is nowr likely to -- authority say that he is not likely to face charges. trace: is this a big surprise? >> actually, rattner last week when the role of the auto task force changes from restructuring companies to monitoring government investments, ron bloom is a senior member of the task force, it bought a replacement for rattner. he also brings experiences. is it labor restructuring expert who advised the ste
. brian wilson, how is the crown d? >> there are tremendous. behind me is an actual lunar excursion module. it has been laid out here to look like how it would have looked on the moon. there is neil armstrong. this would be bought aldrin. where were you in 1969? -- buzz aldrin. i just spoke to this young man, and she was 12 when it happens. >> i remember it like yesterday. we were on vacation. it was a small black-and-white television. we were watching in land, and of course, walter cronkite was doing his thing. i just remember "manned landing on moon" splashing on the screen. >> and we all have those little models and and i were rooms on our desks, the apollo module. the question is where do we go next? some people say we are going back to the moon, others say that we should be going to mars. when apollo astronaut was asked the question and said that it is time to take risks in space once again. >> we need to get back to the point where we are no longer a risk-averse society and recognize there are things risking your life for. >> there you have the astronauts talking. and here we are rig
are learning new details about officers and paramedic. brian wilson has been working on this story. this is part of our know where to hide series. good morning. >> we are at oklahoma highway patrol headquarters. they have not yet decided what they will do with the trooper. for the first time, the family of the patient in the ambulance had spoken to us, and they have some ideas. >> by now, you have seen the video. and the cell phone video that shows the struggle between the trooper daniel martin and a paramedic. lost in the discussion is the fact that there was an elderly heart patient and ambulance that day. she can be heard screaming in the ambulance. that woman was stella jordan, who these days is a very fragile and nervous individual. she would not talk to us on camera, but her sister remembers how upset she was. >> it was to the point where she was just screaming and she was getting exhausted. i just held her and said it would be all right. i just started to pray, and i said, please let her be all right. >> the final report on the incident has been sitting on the desk of the ch
with a paramedic is caught on tape. brian wilson has been covering the story every step of the way as part of his series, "know where to hide." what did he say? >> the highway department here, the highway patrol in oklahoma, said they felt the trigger was justified in making the stop and they believe that the paramedic did resist arrest. they also believe that trooper daniel martin acted unprofessionally and it was conduct unbecoming an officer. he basically got two months off with pay, five days off without pay, and he must undergo an your assessment. he will return to work july 28. >> malfeasance, this behavior will be ignored, and troopers will be protected by superiors, regardless of what happens on the street. it is a terrible message to society, to lock enforcement, and a terrible black mark on this department. ne>> the other issue here is tht we were not really allowed to ask any real questions once this came down. the troopers say there's a lawsuit in effect and they cannot answer any questions. i will tell you, however, that the man who made the final decision about the cases the public
gotten away with it if it was not for their dashcam. brian wilson is in florida with the latest on the story. he spoke with the police chief, and he is with us with an update. >> two years ago, the fbi arrested four police officers here because they say that they were protecting a drug and gambling operation. now the police department here is embroiled in another scandal. video cameras never blank, and sometimes you forget there are there. that was the case last february when do we presley decided that he would make up some stuff on an accident report to help a fellow officer. >> that is the board county public defender, a 31-year veteran. >> these officers clearly conspired to manipulate the truth, and they did in when nothing was at stake. >> two cars pulled away from a green light the night. one car stopped abruptly and a police car plows into the back. the lady has been drinking, and she has her own problems, but the policemen was technically at fault because he did not stop in time. when his fellow officers show up, they tried to make up a story. she said it took forever to
allowed to do that? >> sure. >> good to see you, chris. >>> that does it for thus week. brian and rebecca, we will be back on monday, of course, with a lot more earnings. >> nice job, guys. >> it's been good to have you all week here. >>> coming up next, allstate's ceo thomas wilson joins us exclusively on cnbc with the results of the insurers heartland monitor poll. welcome to the now network. population: 49 million. right now 1.2 million people are on sprint mobile broadband. 31 are streaming a sales conference from the road. eight are wearing bathrobes. two... less. 154 people are tracking shipments on a train. 33 are i.m.'ing on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email on vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access ...or if you're already sick... ...or if you lose your job. your health insurance shouldn't either. so let's fix health care. if everyone's covered, we can make health care as affo
. the giants end up winning 5-4. brian wilson gets his 22nd save. but just barely, making things interesting in the top of the ninth. >> nationals, rockies in denver, jayson marquis, what a story he's had this year. major league baseball's first 11-game winner. named to the all-star game for the first time this past weekend. the rockies win 1-0. houston got a six pitch save in the ninth. just the fifth time in franchise history that colorado has won 1 s at home, three of them came last year. so it's marquis and the rockies winning 1-0 at home. >> in the past i was so worried about guys not scoring, you know, trying to make perfect pitches, get three outs with one pitch. this year, i told myself to bear down and focus on the hitter. and not let the game get out of hand. if one run scores, i know it's late in the game but it's still just a one-run game, so it's within reach. so i changed my focus to the hitter and good things have been happening. >> the man known as the machine will be counted on to pump out an assembly line worth of round trippers. pujols coming out for the home run derby joi
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